Family tradition

Our History

With the heavy name of Kritikos Fournos, we have been with you for three generations, trying to do our best for all of you, from the older ones who have trusted us since the beginning of our journey, to the younger ones who are learning about us now.

We are not just a bakery. We are not just bakers and confectioners. We are a group of people with passion and passion for good food, quality raw materials and non-negotiable pleasure when all this is passed on to all of you who reward us with your smile.”

Nikos Nikolidakis


Over six decades of history

THE Beggining

It all started with Stelios Nikolidakis (the grandfather) when in 1967 he opened the first bakery in Peza, Heraklion, offering only bread and rusks. The bakery soon became famous with people leaving Heraklion to visit it, just to find these two products.




The two sons of Mr Stelios, Nikos and Dimitris, are timidly going to work, helping their dad in bread making.

The second generation

Now the two sons, having been discharged from the army, are actively taking over the business



The Evolution

Bakery & Confectionery

They are moving away from the traditional bakery, adding a variety of options, both sweet and savoury, marrying bakery and pastry and increasing the number of shops.

The separation

The operation is split in two. Now we are in the market with the brand “Kritikos Fournos Daily Bakery”, trying to give a more modern approach and covering all the needs of consumers in food, without forgetting the tradition and quality raw materials.



progress jumps

Today the company has made leaps and bounds. Nikos’ son Stelios (3rd generation) has also joined the business. Following the philosophy “Shop in Shop” we created the first stores within some of our stores, without forgetting the traditional elements, we emphasized on marketing and social media and we reached 8 stores in the wider Heraklion area with more than 180 staff.

Chocolate xocora


Today Xocora is a household name signalling quality, bliss and sweet delight the world over. A global leader in premium chocolate, we are established in more than 120 countries with manufacturing plants in the US and various locations in Europe.