Kritikos Fournos Daily Bakery chain of stores has been one of the biggest businesses with bakery and confectionary products in Crete. The philosophy behind our 7 stores is based on the concept of "Daily Bakery", a modern trend worldwide, and on our advanced production unit .On a daily basis, we offer pure bakery and confectionary products made from fresh, local ingredients, quality coffee, but also Cretan and international snacks and meals.

Our History

KRITIKOS FOURNOS’ story goes back many years. Around the end of the 19th century, in 1870, a boy was born in Melambes, Rethymno. He was named Giannis Papadoulakis and was a really charismatic child. However, Giannis’ orphanage, poverty and the hardships of those times, led him to a women’s monastery known as “Azepanes”, where he would stay until he reached adulthood. His main engagement there, would be to knead bread and rusks with the use of only barley flour and leaven. Being blessed from God, Giannis Papazouglakis or also known as “The Monk”, used to feed numerous poor families and children daily, who would ,otherwise, have starved to death at that time. Years passed and “ The Monk” grew up and came to realize it was time to leave the monastic life he led behind him and have his own family (a family his fate had deprived him of).In the beginning of the 20th century, Giannis Papadoulakis got married to Irene, with whom he had four children. He worked really hard and managed to open the first bakery in Crete .By then, Giannis had acquired the art of making bread during his monastic years, therefore, his bakery became known quickly as the Monk’s Bakery. The long-standing, well-known bakery stayed open until his death in 1944.

His daughter Anna and her husband, Nikolaos Nikolidakis, became the caretakers of his vision. In 1954, the Monk’s Bakery, like many other shops, was forced to close , due to deep recession in post war Greece. However, the art of bakery and the love of kneading bread for 100 years had rooted deeply in the consciousness and lifestyle of the Monk’s descendents. Thus, in 1967,Stelios Nikolidakis would open his first bakery in Enosi Pezon which, eventually, would become known to the local society of Heraklion as “Kritikos Fournos” and not as “The Monk’s Bakery”. His son, Nikos, is the driving force behind DAILY BAKERY CAFÉ of KRITIKOS FOURNOS and he managed to give a more up-to-date touch to the DAILY concept emphasizing on coffee, snacks, confectionery and on a wide variety of bakery products. Accompanied by the qualified production team of Kritikos Fournos Daily, Nikos ensures that products are made on a daily basis with great care, love and fresh materials, covering everyday dietary requirements and combining tradition with evolution and the new consumer needs of today. WE ARE DEVOTED TO OUR PAST AND COMMITED TO KEEP EVOLVING.