In our stores you will find exquisite sweets made from raw quality materials. The delicate taste of our desserts will satisfy even the most demanding. Choose among dozens of cream cakes, sweets in bowls, tarts with fresh fruit, cakes, sweet treats as well as from a wide variety of traditional sweets, syrup sweets and our exceptional Galaktompoureko (filo with pastry cream filling made with fresh milk.)

Cream confectionary

  • Cakes
  • Pastry and cream cakes(slice)
  • Family sweets
  • Single sweets (cocktail size)
  • Sweet shots (filled with profiterole,
    cheesecake or biscottino cream)
  • Sweet treats (cream cakes,
    kok cream puffs, truffles,chionoules)

Family sweets

  • Millefeuille
  • Profiterole
  • Bueno
  • Tiramisu
  • Ekmek
  • Cheese cake
  • Τart (family size)

Pastry and cream cakes(slices)

  • Chocolate cake  
  • Serrano  
  • Chocolate and cream cake
  • Coconut cake
  • Cheese cake
  • Twix
  • Biscottino

Syrup sweets

  • Galaktompoureko ( filo with pastry cream filling )
    made with fresh milk
  • Mizithrompoureko (filo with fresh cheese filling)
  • Kunefe
  • Kadaif (shredded Kdaif dough with butter and syrup) 
  • Baklava (filo dough filled with nuts, soaked in syrup)
  • Saragli (crispy syrupy pastry sheet, filled with nuts)
  • Gianniotiko (shredded pastry)
  • Coctail sized syrup sweets

Sweet Pies

  • Apple pie
  • Chocolate pie
  • Biscuit pie (made with crumbled biscuits)
  • Bueno pie
  • Hazelnut pie
  • Orange pie
  • Cake with chocolate coating
  • Petimezopita (Grape juice syrup pie)
  • Raisins pie

Traditional Cretan Pastries

  • Anevata Kalitsounia (sweet fresh cheese pastries)
  • Lychnarakia (sweet creamy cheese pastries)
  • Xerotigana (fried pastry soaked in honey)